Kopiaste & Welcome to Cyprus

“Kopiaste” is one of the words that a traveler to Cyprus probably first makes acquaintance with. It means something like “come and acompany us”. This word expresses the natural and warm hospitality that Cypriots show to their visitors. And with this word we welcome you to this website.

Cyprus is famously worldwide known as a year-round sunny vacation paradise with fantastic beaches, blue skies and warm waters.

Every traveller will find the right beach for him. Whether party people in Ayia Napa, families in Protaras and Paralimni, a little quieter in Paphos, luxurious decadent in Limassol, romantic on the Akamas peninsula or beach hopping all over the island.

But the island has much more to offer: traditional villages, idyllic vineyards, culinary highlights, remote monasteries, ancient mosques and residents who welcome their guests with open arms.

In the course of its eventful past, many cultures have left their traces on Cyprus, which want to be discovered by you. Let yourself be inspired by the still preserved originality of this varied vacation island. For everyone there is the right vacation in Cyprus.

Discover Cyprus with its beautiful sandy beaches and unique sights or plan your next package vacation and book interesting excursions and tours. For individual travelers, here you will find the most beautiful vacation apartments on Cyprus, the cheapest flights and suitable rental cars on Cyprus.

To prepare your trip to the wonderful island, you will find on this page the best travel guides and books. And after your vacation reminisce? Then here are the most beautiful illustrated books about Cyprus.

You see … Cyprus has much more to offer than sun, beaches and the mediterran sea :-).

Enjoy your vacation in Cyprus.