Accessible Cyprus

Many facilities in Cyprus are also accessible to people with disabilities. Therefore, a vacation in Cyprus is suitable for all. Below you will find a brief overview, so that you get the support to make the vacation in Cyprus an unforgettable experience -in the positive sense.

For more information, download the “Accessible Cyprus” guide or contact the Cyprus Paraplegic Organization:

Phone: (+357) 22 496 494,



Both Cyprus International Airports Paphos and Larnaca are fully accessible for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility (PEM).

Facilities at the airports include:

  • barrier-free washrooms
  • charging stations for electric wheelchairs
  • wheelchair ramps for buses
  • additional support services.

For more information on the facilities and services for people with disabilities and PEM, visit the respective websites of the two airports:

Larnaca International Airport:

Paphos International Airport:

Beschilderung Zypern Flughafen
Zypern – Flughafen – Schild


Some hotels offer a wide range of facilities for people with disabilities. A list of these hotels, where an audit has shown a satisfactory level of facilities and services for people with special access needs, can be found here: List of audited hotels

Since hotel facilities or services may change at any time, or other hotels may become more accessible over the time, we recommend that you first contact the hotels directly before making a firm booking. This way you will be on the safe side if the hotel is suitable for people with certain restrictions.


In Cyprus it is possible to use the EU-standard blue parking permit for specially designated disabled parking spaces. If you are in possession of such a parking permit, you can bring it with you on vacation to Cyprus and use it.

If you do not have one, the blue parking permit will be issued by the Service for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Disabled. You can contact them by phone at (+357) 22 406 406 or by e-mail at

EU-Parkausweis für Behinderte
Zypern – EU-Parkausweis für Behinderte

Getting around

Most cities in Cyprus are quite accessible with a wheelchair, especially in the tourist areas. Work is currently underway throughout Cyprus to further improve the infrastructure in this regard.

It is therefore advisable that wheelchair users have an escort with them if they are unsure whether a particular area offers barrier-free access.

Public transport

With prior notification, transportation around the island can be arranged by the transportation company. Special buses with ramps and safety belts for wheelchairs are available.

Private cab companies also often have vehicles that can transport wheelchair users seated in wheelchairs. Please indicate the corresponding need accordingly when booking by phone.


Many beaches in Cyprus are wheelchair accessible. You will find information about this in the relevant information for each individual beach. A list of fully or partially wheelchair accessible beaches throughout Cyprus can be found here.

Ein Rollstuhl am Strand von Zypern
Zypern – Strand – Rollstuhl

I hope that these tips and hints will help you for your barrier-free stay in Cyprus.